M7 – my first shots

Today I went shooting with the M7 for the first time. When I pick up the M240 after just this one day, it almost feels monstrous compared to the slim M7.


I read so much about loading the film being super hard. But I think I got it right, and if that’s true, the fuzz about how hard it is feels almost rediculous.

Alright, I’ll park this topic and postpone being cocky until I get a blank roll in return:-)

Shutter and Advance

The sutter release feels more soft than on my M240, and the sound is super delicate.

After I release the shutter, I almost can’t wait to push the advance lever to enjoy the feeling of letting the mechanics bring forward the next frame with a snappy yet demanding imperative.

No ▶ Button

I immediately liked not being able to preview the picture on the screen afterwards.

I like having to wait to see the results, and I feel right away that I’m concentrating more knowing that each frame has some associated ‘cost’.

I’m also looking more forward to seeing my photos than I did with my digital camera. I think I’ll be studying them more individually and putting more thought into why they ended looking the way they did, how I used the light, what my exposure did for the photo, the framing etc.

Anyway – I don’t have the pictures yet. For now, I’ll concentrate on my roll and evaluate later when I have the results.

Worse View Finder

One thing, though.

I found the view finder significantly worse than on my M240. It’s certainly more prone to flare, which makes seeing the frame lines harder when backlit. It’s also less contrasty which makes focusing harder.

I have to admit that it was only today I realized that the M7 ships with and without MP finders. Had I known that, I’d probably have gone for one with an MP finder, but what the heck, I’m still falling in love with this little beauty.